LM117/LM317 Calculator

Enter the desired output voltage, load current and idle current, and the calculator will select optimum resistor values. Resistors can be chosen from the E12, E24, E48, E96 or E192 series, with the higher numbered series giving a more accurate output voltage.

> LM117/LM317 datasheet

Maximum input voltage:  V Mouseover
Desired output voltage:  V Mouseover
Minimum load current:  mA Mouseover
Maximum load current:  mA Mouseover
Minimum idle current:  mA Mouseover
Maximum idle current:  mA Mouseover
Resistor selection: E12 (10% tolerance)
E24 (5% tolerance)
E48 (2% tolerance)
E96 (1% tolerance)
E192 (0.5% tolerance)
R1: 0 Ω
R2: 0 Ω
Actual output voltage: 0 V (error of 0 %)
Output voltage range: 0 V—0 V (+0 % / -0 %)
Typical quiescent current: 0 mA
Quiescent current range: 0 mA—0 mA (+0 % / -0 %)
R1 power dissipation: 0 mW
R2 power dissipation: 0 mW
Regulator power dissipation: 0 W